Tooth-Saving Dental X-Ray Functions

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Our dentist and team use dental X-rays to achieve a clear and highly accurate portrayal of your oral health when you visit our office. Dental X-rays enable us to better understand the needs of your dental health so that we can offer the appropriate dental care. We use dental X-rays to perform many kinds of comprehensive and preventive services to better protect your smile.

Here are some of the reasons why we might take a dental X-ray during your visit:

– To identify where tooth decay may be developing between two teeth
– To determine if you have lost some bone structure as a result of gum disease
– To scan your dental fillings and see if they have been weakened by tooth decay
– To evaluate whether your dental infection around the tip of a tooth root is severe
– To evaluate the overall structure and health of your smile prior to using a dental treatment

Our team offers a few different types of dental X-rays to create different images, including:

– Bitewing X-rays, which show the tooth crown to bone to look at the visible structure
– Periapical X-rays, which show the entire tooth, down to its root
– Occlusal X-rays, which view the upper and lower arches of teeth and jaws

Bruce Brumm is pleased to provide several beneficial dental technologies to fully understand and treat your oral health. We invite you to contact our office at 858-250-2933 today if you would like to learn more about dental X-rays in San Diego, California, and speak with our dentist, Dr. Bruce Brumm.