The Basics: Toothaches

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Several oral health risks can seem minimal in nature and difficult to detect but can get worse and worse over time. One of these issues is a toothache, which is an abscessed tooth that has an infection. If for any reason you are suffering from a toothache regardless of the cause, it will need to be repaired accordingly. Whether you are suffering from gum disease, cracked teeth, tooth decay or any other issues that have potentially led to a toothache, it is important that it is treated as soon as possible. To spot toothaches early on, always look for common signs and conditions.

If at any point in time a tooth is cracked, split or fractured in any way to the point that bacteria can access the inner workings of a tooth, the risk of a toothache is present. In order to effectively combat your toothache, you need to make sure that you are constantly inspecting your mouth for signs of damage. Not only can toothaches cause damage to a tooth, but they can also cause abscesses to form which can lead to serious infections in your jawbone, in other teeth and in surrounding tissues.

If you notice the sign of an abscess or noticeable discharge around a tooth, a toothache could be the cause. Other common symptoms include high fevers or chills that cannot be easily treated with medications, as well as facial rashes that have no other explanations. Various forms of oral inflammation also are commonly linked to toothaches. Various causes of toothaches can range from anything from TMJ disorders to wisdom teeth eruption. If you continue to feel pain 24 hours after taking medication, you may want to visit your dentist to determine if a toothache is causing it.

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