The Importance of Cavity Resistance

Resisting cavities is the best way to keep your oral health in happy and healthy condition. Cavities are the downfall of your oral health if you do not treat them. In fact, cavities can lead to a host of problems when left ignored, which is why it is essential to take care of them as soon as possible and avoid... read more »

Smart Smile Basics: Composite Dental Fillings

Ever wonder what your dentist means when he says you need a filling?  If you have suffered damage to a tooth as a result of tooth decay, a composite dental filling will be needed. Composite dental fillings can help restore your tooth by removing tooth decay and returning a tooth back to its normal function and shape. Dental fillings can... read more »

The Best Chewing Gum for Your Pearly Whites

Did you know there is good and bad chewing gum for your pearly whites? Well, it’s true, which is why it’s important to keep your smile in mind while you’re purchasing chewing gum. For the best and healthiest chewing gum in San Diego, California, our Bruce Brumm dental team encourages you to choose one that: -Is sugarless: Sugar is a... read more »