Oral Health Advisory: Dry Mouth

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An oral health condition that often arises but goes untreated is known as dry mouth. Dry mouth is not seen so much as a disease but rather a disorder in which your mouth is not producing enough saliva. If you do have an adequate saliva flow, dry mouth, also referred to as xerostomia, can be prevalent. To help reverse the effects of dry mouth, it is important to first understand the risk factors associated with it.

There are several common risk factors associated with dry mouth that can arise due to medications you are taking. Although medications may be needed for other health ailments, be aware that they can often produce dry mouth as a side effect. Numerous forms of diuretics, painkillers, antihistamines and decongestants have been shown to produce dry mouth. Thus, exercise caution with any medications you may be taking.

If you are suffering from dry mouth, you may be at an increased risk for a sore throat, gum disease, cavities and impairments with your chewing and speaking skills. However, eating crunchy foods with a high water content as well as chewing sugarless gum after meals have been shown to produce additional saliva.

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