Is Flossing Important?

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It’s very common for patients to have their dentist tell them they should floss more often during a dental cleaning. Considering this, it’s still somewhat surprising to learn that almost 80% of patients tell their dentist that they do not floss at all!

While we know that you’ve been told before that flossing is important to your oral care, we will tell you again! Everyone should practice flossing on a daily basis. Even by brushing twice daily you will not be able to clean your mouth as thoroughly as it should be because a toothbrush is unable to clean between teeth. You need to use floss to clean those hard to reach areas.

Food particles and plaque can build up in between your teeth, but using floss prevents that from happening. Keeping your teeth clean off plaque and food particles will also help cavities and tooth decay from being able to develop. By flossing daily you will be protecting the health and condition of your gums while also aiding in the prevention of the gum disease, gingivitis.

Flossing will also help prevent you from having bad breath.

If you’re not used to flossing on a daily basis, it can be difficult to get into the habit. Here are a couple helpful tips to develop a flossing routine: you can use flossing picks or floss holders as a quick and effective way to clean between teeth. If you’re likely to forget to floss, write a reminder on a sticky note to put on your bathroom mirror. You can also set a helpful reminder in your phone or tablet.

If you floss daily, you will be taking steps to ensure you have your natural teeth for many years in the future. Please give Bruce Brumm a call at 858-250-2933 to schedule your dental cleaning in San Diego, California, today. Your friendly dentist, Dr. Bruce Brumm, looks forward to helping preserve your smile!