Dental Miracle Makers: Brushing and Flossing

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The best smiles are built on the back of oral hygiene. If you improve your oral hygiene habits, you can drastically improve the health of your smile. To keep your smile clean, it is important to always have it rinsed out so that all debris and plaque buildup are eradicated. The two best methods to accomplish this task is via brushing and flossing. They must both be used in tandem because although brushing is highly effective at cleaning the surfaces of your teeth and your tongue, it cannot clean between your teeth. Thus, an interdental cleaner such as dental floss will need to be used as well.

It’s important to always make sure that you are brushing with effectiveness in mind. Ideally, each brushing session should last roughly two to three minutes. This allows you time to gently brush on all sides of a tooth including the chewing surface. Once you have finished brushing all your teeth, store your toothbrush upright in an aired-out location. Never allow your brush to be contaminated by storing it with other toothbrushes or letting anyone else use your toothbrush.

Your oral health care often depends on making sure you floss between your teeth. If any debris and plaque buildup is allowed to arise, it can turn into tartar and be difficult to remove. This is important to make sure you clean between every single tooth and behind your teeth in the furthest row in the back of your mouth. If you need any help to determine which product is best for your interdental cleaning, speak with your dentist. If you would like to floss your teeth without the use of thread, a water flosser can be used.

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