Brush Your Teeth, Floss Your Teeth

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There are two fundamental habits that will make all the difference in your dental hygiene: brushing, and flossing. These basic skills will help make sure you avoid any dental emergencies such as cavities or gum disease.


Brushing your teeth is fairly simple, once you get in the habit. Make sure you brush 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time. This is a great time to reflect on the day or listen to your favorite music. Set a timer if you struggle to get the timing right. Taking two minutes makes sure that your teeth get clean. Make sure to brush all surfaces of the teeth–chewing surfaces, inside, and outside. Cavities can develop anyway, so it’s important to get all the food particles, plaque, acids, and other debris out of your mouth.


Flossing is another great tool for removing food and plaque from your mouth. It should accompany brushing, and be done once a day. It takes 2-3 minutes each time. It doesn’t matter if you brush first or floss first, so long as they both get done. Use a single filament thread and a gentle, back-and-forth sawing motion. This will clear food and plaque from your mouth without damaging your gums. If you are just getting started with your new flossing habit, some discomfort is normal, however, if it persists for more than 2 weeks, talk to Dr. Bruce Brumm about it.

Finally, support your at-home hygiene habits with biannual visits to your dentist. If you are in the San Diego, California area, call Bruce Brumm at 858-453-1500 to set up your next appointment today!