A Dental Implant Can Replace a Knocked-Out Tooth

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Your teeth are anchored in their sockets by the roots and a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. When a blow to the face or other dental accident carries enough force to knock a tooth from its socket, the trauma is often significant. In most of these cases, the tooth and the socket are too badly damaged to be saved by a root canal. Any remnants of the tooth need to be extracted and the gums need to be allowed to heal.

When you’re ready to restore the tooth, Dr. Bruce Brumm might recommend installing a dental implant with a dental crown.

Your dentist will examine the jaw structure in the area. It’s important to assess if you have the sufficient jaw structure to anchor an implant. Otherwise a bone graft procedure will need to be performed in advance of the implant procedure.

Dr. Bruce Brumm will then install the implant. This will be done by making a careful incision in your gums. A narrow channel will then be made in your jaw bone. A titanium implant will be screwed into the channel in the bone and your gums will be sutured closed.

Titanium is known for being biologically safe and it will completely fuse with your natural bone to create an anchor that feels just as strong as the original tooth.

Once total fusion has been achieved, Dr. Bruce Brumm can go about the process of installing a dental crown. This will fully replace the missing tooth.

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