A Dental Bridge Supported by Dental Implants Can Often Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

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Losing multiple teeth in one area of your mouth can significantly impair your ability to bite, chew, or grind food effectively. This can also impair your ability to safely swallow the foods you eat.


If the teeth were originally located in the front of your mouth, you might also have impaired clarity of speech and a cosmetically unappealing smile.


In a case like this, you should consider scheduling an appointment at Bruce Brumm’s clinic in San Diego, California. Dr. Bruce Brumm and his associates can help you understand your options for restoring the basic function and appearance of your missing teeth.


One of the most effective options for restoring multiple missing teeth in one area of your mouth is to install a dental implant supported bridge.


The first phase of this treatment plan involves a minor oral surgery to install two titanium dental implants. This typically requires full sedation. So, it’s best to have a friend or family member drive you home afterward.


Once the dental implants have been installed the special titanium material will gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues. Once this occurs Dr. Bruce Brumm can prepare a pair or abutments capable of anchoring a dental bridge restoration.  


If you live in the San Diego, California, area and you need to are missing one or more teeth, you should call 858-453-1500 to explore the dental restoration offered by Bruce Brumm.